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5 Characteristics Of Reclaimed Barn Wood

If you  find yourself searching for an incredibly unique piece of furniture for your home look no further than reclaimed barn wood, also known as old pine.  This classic rustic style is perfect for those who love one-of-a-kind items, American made crafts, and history. Here are five main characteristics of barn wood that should not be missed!

  1. Uniqueness. One of the most common reasons why barn wood is so popular is the uniqueness of each board. Due to weathering, age, use and other factors, no two pieces are exactly alike. This translates to excellent furniture designs for the home that cannot be duplicated.
  2. Durability. Another important aspect of barn wood is its extreme durability. Barn wood boards have already experienced the weather and time. When recycled into furniture this hard, dense wood translates into a furniture piece that can be enjoyed for years to come.
  3. Varied Shades. Along with durability and a unique look, barn wood also has multiple color tones due to weathering. The amount of time a board was exposed to rain, sunlight and other environmental factors often dictates the exact color of the finished product.
  4. Tight Grain Pattern. Those who enjoy solid wood furniture know that a tight grain pattern is quite coveted. What this means is that the actual grain of the wood is in a smaller pattern than other wood types. Not only does this lead to durability, it keeps the design from being overshadowed by a wider grain style.
  5. Character Elements. Finally, one of the best elements to barn wood as that it has a ton of character elements that just are not there with new wood pieces. Old nail holes from use, worm damage and more all add to the character of the barn wood furniture piece.

If you are looking for a great furniture design with tons of character, consider barn wood your best option!

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