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Multi-Color Rub Through Finish On Furniture

One of the latest trends in home decor is the look of aged furniture. Flea market, antique shop, and thrift store finds have become the rage as bloggers and design magazines publish their latest refurbished furniture pieces. Of course, if you aren’t all that handy with a belt sander and a paint brush, this old-to-new […]

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Dining Table Leg Styles Explained

Cab leg vs Straight leg vs turned leg | Styles explained Cabriole/French leg style A cabriole leg adds a touch of elegance to any table for rooms that require a more graceful look. Modeled after an animal’s leg, the S-shaped cabriole leg gives furniture a more intimate, human quality than the massive turned legs of […]

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Eco-Friendly Benefits of Reclaimed Barn Wood Furniture

Eco friendly furniture grown, built and finished in the USA Using reclaimed wood is an excellent solution for reducing the waste of natural resources and the environmental problems as a result.  Finishes and optionsis created from  old antique wood, which has been salvaged from buildings and structures throughout the country.  Unlike many recycled or environmentally friendly products, […]

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Benefits Of A Trestle Base Dining Table

Do you ever sit down to a beautiful table only to find yourself with a leg (not of the human sort) between your legs? Sounds like a less-than-conventional way to explain it but this is just one reason why so many people opt to Finishes and options.   Main benefits of selecting a trestle style […]

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5 Characteristics Of Reclaimed Barn Wood

If you  find yourself searching for an incredibly unique piece of furniture for your home look no further than reclaimed barn wood, also known as old pine.  This classic rustic style is perfect for those who love one-of-a-kind items, American made crafts, and history. Here are five main characteristics of barn wood that should not […]

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Key Characteristics of Oak Tables

5 Key Characteristics of Oak Tables  Many people prefer hard wood for the simple sake of style and durability. Hard wood is extremely durable and can easily endure the trials of everyday life. Old oak is even harder than new oak which makes it an excellent choice for dining, kitchen islands and other furnishings for […]

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