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Create The Perfect Farmhouse Table From Salvaged Wood

In order to give her dining room a “farmhouse-elegant feel,” Shaunna of the home renovation blog Imperfectly Perfect carefully selected an array of aged wooden furniture for the space.

As the largest item in the room, a dining room table instantly commands the most attention, and, as such, can dictate the look and feel as a room. So, to create a rustic yet elegant aesthetic in her dining room, Shaunna tracked down a large custom farm table from salvaged wood.

Farm Table in NYC - made by ecustomfinishes

Farm Table in NYC – made by ecustomfinishes


Though originally used as work surfaces in bustling American farmhouses, Farmhouse Tables, which are typically long and narrow, have now become handsome fixtures throughout the house. Given the iconic design of these pieces, even brand new farm tables manage to exude a nostalgic charm, but they can’t match the authentic rusticity of those crafted fromreclaimed barnwood.

Farmhouse tables from salvaged barn wood have become increasingly popular because of its distinctive distressed and weathered quality. The rich patina of the lumber, which deepens over time, serves to enhance the natural grain patterns of the wood, as well as any imperfections. The result is a striking piece of timber that seems to have a history all of its own.


12 ft farmhouse table

12 ft oak farmhouse table, made from 100% reclaimed wood – by ecustomfinishes

To further develop her farmhouse decor, Shaunna paired her farm table with six rustic dining chairs. Though each piece of reclaimed barnwood furniture has its own unique appeal, combining multiple items in this way can create a more pervasive antique feel that exudes warmth and coziness.

The image of a quaint farmhouse sitting in a secluded field has become especially idealized in recent years, as more homeowners want their homes to feel like a rural retreat from city life.


48 Round Oak Table With Empire Pedestal

48 Round Oak Table With Empire Pedestal





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