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Do I choose a pedestal or trestle base for my dining table?

Do you ever sit down to a beautiful table only to find yourself with a leg (not of the human sort) between your legs? Sounds like a less-than-conventional way to explain it but this is just one reason why so many people opt to go with a pedestal or a trestle base.

Generous Leg room via Trestle bases

Depending on the trestle there are several plus’s about going in this direction. First, a trestle table does not require an apron which leaves much more leg room . If you are a leg -crosser you might want to strong consider this option or a pedestal base. Our trestle tables are a generous 27” from the floor to the underside of your table allowing for even arm chairs to easily glide under . Our trestles are set in 12” from the ends of the table as well which allow for easy seating at the ends.

More Spacious

Regardless of the size of your table, a table with a trestle base will sit one more person along the sides. This is a great option for people needing to maximize their seating capacity – particularly in small areas. Reason for this? You’re not having to place your chairs in between legs… Makes sense. Legs will “eat” up anywhere between 6”-10” of usable table surface.

Very stable

Regardless of the shape, a well made trestle is a much better option for large table than even the largest of pedestal bases. If you think about it, lets say you have a 75” round top and a pedestal base. The top of the pedestal may have a larger mounting plate on it but, even with that, think of the physics‘.. The entire weight of the table rests on however large that mounting plate is.. With a trestle base, the weight of the top is supported over a wider area thus making it much less susceptible for tipping.

Leg room – via pedestal bases

One of the biggest reasons people opt for a pedestal table is leg room. A pedestal can add a great touch of style to your room but, don’t forget.. you will probably be covering it up to a degree when chair are placed around the table. What you see when you first buy the table is not necessarily what you will see once all is in place. Its more important to make sure the pedestal is the right size for the table you choose.

Chair fits easily

A pedestal base does not require the use of an apron since the weight of the table sits directly on the pedestal itself. Many tall people and chronic leg-crossers love this option since they can sit at their chairs without having to stretch their legs out looking for a comfortable way to scoot under the table. Even arm chairs can slide under the table easily but make sure the table you select doesn’t have an apron. Many round tables are made with an apron as it’s a decorative element.. However, you will be limited to side chairs if you want to push the chairs in when done. 

An elegant touch

A nice pedestal can add a beautiful decorative touch to any room but, remember, once your chairs are placed around the table the base will not be as noticeable. Make sure that you find a pedestal that meets 2 requirements.. #1.. It should compliment the décor in your home and secondly, it should be large enough to balance out the weight of the table. Large round tables over approximately 72” are hard to find pedestals for. Consider a leg style or even a trestle base.

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