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Going Green With Products Made From Salvaged Wood

If you are one of the growing number of Eco-conscious consumers looking to find new ways to go green, there are a number of ways to help the environment from within your home, starting with furniture. One of the best ways to do help the environment from within your home is to utilize unique eco friendly old reclaimed barn wood. As 150-200 year old pine and oak barns across America are being torn down, artisans (such as our team at ecustomfinishes.com) are finding new way to use this wood and create unique pieces of furniture and works of art. Specifically these artisans & woodworkers are creating custom barn wood items  such as farm tables custom kitchen islands and hutches from these reclaimed wood planks, as well as other one of a kind pieces from leftover scraps such as shutters, reclaimed hooks & knobs. With old barn wood the possibilities are endless and always unique. With reclaimed materials, not only do you have the option to create an item that comes with 150 years of history, but you can help the environment at the same time.

So, how exactly does the ecosystem benefit from salvaged wood furniture? It’s simple. Rather than throwing out old resources, you are reusing them and consequently not buying new furniture. Specifically much of the new furniture you see at a store is not 100% true wood, or compostable products, rather these new furniture items are composite pieces made with a wide range of products and fillers that are far less friendly to the environment. In addition, during the furniture manufacturing process, these new furniture items leave a large carbon footprint, whereas using reclaimed products can leave as little footprint as that from a hammer, nails, and a sander

Be Green.


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