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Multi-Color Rub Through Finish On Furniture

One of the latest trends in home decor is the look of aged furniture. Flea market, antique shop, and thrift store finds have become the rage as bloggers and design magazines publish their latest refurbished furniture pieces. Of course, if you aren’t all that handy with a belt sander and a paint brush, this old-to-new look may be hard for you to recapture on your own.

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That is why companies such as eCustomFinishes are offering the multi-color rub through finish as an option. This great technique gives the look of aged furniture to your home, without the hassle and headache. These new pieces constructed from reclaimed wood have the look sought after, without the splinters.


The multi-color rub through finish is a great way to bring color to a room without having to commit to any one color in particular.   In fact, most pieces finished in this fashion  will compliment several colors you may have already in your room.  Its a great way to tie in and complement existing colors in a very subtle and sophisticated manner.

Below are some examples of Multi Colored Rub Through Items.

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