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Hand Painted Furniture

Sailboat_Dresser_Fotor copy 2

From our in-house award winning artist.

Nothing makes a house a home more than the pictures that we hang around it. They infuse our space with our personality, showing visitors who we are and showcasing the things that are important to us. Our award winning in-house artist will render an exquisitely detailed picture or custom illustration onto your desired furniture or onto a canvas of salvaged wood.

All the wood we choose to paint on is entirely individual, so no other hand painted furniture will be the same as your own. We are able to paint any already created portrait viewed on our site – perhaps a bass on a stool, or seashells on a chair – or any other image of your choosing. This personalized service is hard to come by and is an essential final touch of charm, both subtle and personal.

It is our goal is to help you create the perfect item or set for your  home at a great price. Give us a call today at (978) 831-3106 and/or stop by our facility showroom, located in Shirley Ma, 1 hour west of Boston Massachusetts. We look forward to hearing from you!