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How To Get Reclaimed Wood For Little Or No Cost

Reclaimed wood is a great material to use for a number of different projects. Aside from the rustic aesthetics, salvaged wood items are sturdy, filled with deep histories and perfect substitutes for newly manufactured furniture, which makes it good for the environment as well. But, where does one go about getting these valuable materials without breaking the bank?

The best types of reclaimed wood typically come from old barns. Barn wood is particularly great for making salvaged wood furniture, because it has been exposed to the elements constantly for decades and sometimes centuries. After years of abuse from the sun, rain and wind, only the strongest barn wood survives, and from all that wear and tear, it has a weathered look that can’t be recreated artificially. With that in mind, always prioritize looking for barn wood scraps, though lumber from old factories and similar structures is an adequate alternative.

Reclaimed after freshly being milled.

Reclaimed after freshly being milled. Picture by ecustomfinishes

The first place you should look to get reclaimed wood, from a barn or otherwise, is to reach out to your network of friends, family and acquaintances. They may have a pile of old wood that they’ve been dying to get rid of.

If those inquiries render no results, you can post a sign around town or put a small ad in the classifieds section of your local paper where you explain that you will take old wood from anyone who has some lying around, and provide your phone number. If you live in a rural area, this can be a very effective way of to get reclaimed wood.

In addition, excavators are a great resource for acquiring any old building materials. Seek out excavation businesses in your area and ask if they have any spare barn wood you may be able to take.  If they don’t, give them your information and tell them to call you when they have some.

If you’re willing to pay for reclaimed barn wood, check out this state-by-state list of reclaimed wood supplies compiled by Green Eco Services.

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