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How Care For Old Antique Furniture

Homeowners who invest in a reclaimed barn wood furniture want nothing less than to ruin it by caring for it improperly. While the old pine wood used for these items has stood the test of time so far, it can become weakened in its old age to the point where it’s susceptible to damage if not tended to properly.

knife stabbed in table OUPS did someone hurt your furniture?


It’s important that these old wood items are cared for regularly, but the specific care of your old wood furniture will be dependent on how the furniture was finished and sealed.  Specifically, for many older antiques, wax finishes were very common. If you have an antique furniture piece with wax finish, you will need to re-wax this piece about two times a year. While time consuming, it’s necessary to keep the wood sealed and resistant to cracking.

Polys and lacquer sealers can be lightly dusted and cleaned with a damp rag. Cream polishes are recommended for these sorts of finishes since they do not contain the solvents in commercial polishes that can build up and break down a finish sealer.

You should always put drinks or glasses on coasters and use placemats if you are going to be eating off the surface. If anything is spilled on a piece of refinished furniture, it should be wiped up immediately with a soft cloth. It might be a good idea to keep one in a drawer or in close proximity of the antique furniture so you can access it quickly if there is a spill.

When we produce furniture at EcustomFinishes.com, we use eco friendly water based paints and finishes, and basic maintenance is nothing more than a damp cloth. All manufactures are a bit different, but o matter where you buy your old wood furniture products, we recommend asking the seller their advice on how to care for your item, to help it last a lifetime.


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