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Reasons to Choose Reclaimed Barn Wood Furniture

Love a charming rustic look but aren’t quite sure how to incorporate it into your home? Consider barn wood (old pine) furniture! While this great style has many benefits that you cannot get in any other wood type, here are the four most important reasons to choose barn wood furniture.

One of the biggest reasons why people choose barn wood furniture is due to its charm and warmth. This rustic feel is perfect for any home that is looking to have a casually elegant table. They are quite versatile and will never go out of style. In addition, most barn wood style pieces have a unique look that cannot be found anywhere else.
Multiple Colors.

Reclaimed barn wood boards have been in the elements for ages giving each piece a unique style. It does not matter if you are a fan of light wood or dark wood colors, our skilled craftsmen can stain barn wood to a color hue that you will enjoy. Every board will have multiple colors which make mixing and matching a breeze History.

Rustic Board – Can See Old Saw Marks, Dings & Worm Holes Adding Extra Character

History is another reason why people purchase barn wood furniture for their homes. Each plank has a story behind it, whether it was used as a floor board in an old barn or siding for a shed. Every one of the boards used in our reclaimed tables dates back to the 19th century when wood and hardworking people were readily available. Every knot, blemish and nail hole in each of our tables is a part of Americana history to be enjoyed in homes for years to come.

Very Hard, Stable Wood. Imagine having a dining room table that collapsed the first time you used it! You most likely would be very disappointed in the piece and the furniture manufacturer. Durability and longevity is a primary reason why so many people choose barn wood furniture over newer tables. Old wood is “stable” meaning that it is more dense, is harder and much less likely to move. Most barn wood boards have experienced weather and time, allowing for very little to cause damage once it has been recycled into a furniture piece.

Age and character make this furniture easy to hide new blemishes and are a breeze to take care of when finished correctly.

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