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Key Characteristics of Oak Tables

5 Key Characteristics of Oak Tables 

Many people prefer hard wood for the simple sake of style and durability. Hard wood is extremely durable and can easily endure the trials of everyday life. Old oak is even harder than new oak which makes it an excellent choice for dining, kitchen islands and other furnishings for the home.

Here are five key characteristics of oak tables and why so many people are enamored with them
Very Hard Grain:

Oak has always been known to be a very hard and durable wood . As Oak ages the wood becomes more dense and heavy as the grain tightens. Old oak is very different looking than new oak so don’t be fooled. Many people come to us with “no interest” in oak expecting it to look similar to the oak we all know from the catalogs and have grown to dislike. Many of these same people walked away with an old oak table much to their delight. Old oak is a great choice for anyone needing a very strong wood type that can take a lot of abuse.

Fewer Knots:

Knots are great if you like them but not everyone does. A great, old knotty pine table can be quite appealing for a rustic touch but an old oak table can provide a similar look without all the knots. If you are choosing a light finish old oak is an excellent choice since knots will show up darker on any finished piece. Depending on how much you choose to have your old oak sanded down in the use of furniture you can get a look that’s very elegant and sleek or very rustic and bold.

Tight Grain:

Unlike veneers and other mass produced wood look-alikes, many people chose solid wood furniture based on the look of the wood grain. Old oak grain is very tight often looking similar to what you would expect from elm or walnut wood. When finish is applied the old oak grain comes back to life with its history evident in the boards from years of previous use.

Appearance Age.

Reclaimed wood is recycled wood and has many of the characteristics that bring enormous charm to any setting. In any given board there will be multiple colors ranging from darker , weathered areas, to beautiful lighter tones. Despite the efforts of many talented craftsman, nothing can match the uniqueness of old wood. Time and nature are the only ingredients to making old wood “perfect.”
Finish: For those looking for a light colored finish, old white oak is definitely the answer. Either clear coated or finished in a lighter color, this is an excellent look for a wide variety of home decorating themes and styles.


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