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Most Popular Dining Table Leg Styles

The dining table represents far more than just a place to eat. It serves as a medium for families to create memories and enjoy each others’ company. That’s why so many homeowners put a lot of thought, time and effort into selecting the centerpiece of their homes.

As if choosing the size and style of table weren’t enough, many consumers don’t realize in many cases they have the option of selecting also the table legs style  for their table as well. Many times table legs are paired with table top, as a design pair, however many table tops and popular dining table leg styles are universal, can fit well in most homes, and often times the legs can be interchangeable if need arises.   Here’s a look at a few popular types of table legs style  you may need to consider:

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♦ Cabriole table legs style – These French-inspired legs have subtle S-curves that come to square tops where they meet the table.


♦ Farm table Tapered  legs style  – Just like the tables they’re designed to go with, these (delete: straight)  legs can either be hefty and straight down to the  floor or have a slight taper that narrows at floor level. Whether you select a straight or a tapered leg style, both are excellent compliments to the casual elegance of a reclaimed wood farm table


♦ Turned  legs style  – Like traditional farm table legs, these are cut with bold, round accents from top to bottom, but the main difference here is a much more varied distinction between the curved shapes up and down the post.

Parsons Style Table Leg: The parsons style table leg is a true straight leg, rather than the tapered leg which although is straight in its lines is infact tapered. The parsons (straight) leg is a more traditional style:

♦ Hepplewhite table legs style  – For those who are looking for a very simple, standard leg for their dining room or kitchen table, these may just be what you’re looking for. These square legs uniformly get thinner from top to bottom and don’t have any frills or designs. Typically these types of legs would not be paired with farm tables, but more commonly with thin top Danish style tables.

♦ Wegner Danish modern table legs style – A relative of Hepplewhite legs, these are similar in their simplicity and their size, but are completely round instead. Generally speaking, Wegner Danish modern legs are best for round tables, while Hepplewhites are best used with rectangular ones.

Specifically, as a specialist in making reclaimed wood farm tables, we stock numerous sets of cabriole, tapered, and turned legs, as they compliment every table we produce. Although Hepplewhite & Wegner Danish legs do  would not fit with traditional rustic farm style tables, they are popular dining table leg styles, thus we thought it would be important to mention and compare.

table legs and trestle bases

table legs and trestle bases

If traditional legs are not what you are looking for consider a trestle base, or a pedestal base for a round table. Below is a picture of the type of standard trestle bases we offer, however if you have a suggestion for a type of trestle base (or leg style) that you would like on your table please let us know!

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