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Simple reclaimed wood 3 door buffet


For any space that has an available wall,  a farmhouse buffet  might be just what the doctor ordered.   Whether you are storing dishes or kids toys, a large rustic cabinet or buffet will hide the odds and ends that are visually adding clutter to your room while adding a great deal of charm to your decor.   Simple, casual and elegant, this reclaimed wood buffet was built from old pine and was modified with flat panel doors and decorative trim detail around the middle. No need to think just about a dining room when considering a buffet or reclaimed wood cabinet.   They can be just as breathtaking in a family room and should be considered for use in any area where there is a need for storage.  Sealed with a protective sealer, this is sure to last for generations to come.   Size seen: 54” l x 19”d x 33”h.   Customize your own or call for quote.  2 door servers starting at $1275.  Features additional decorative molding.

  • Due to the wide variety requests most sideboards will need to be quoted separately.