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Rustic Coffee Table with Slatted Shelf


Not only is using reclaimed wood good for the environment, the end result is always  much nicer looking than “beating up” new wood to look old.  At E-customfinishes we don’t artificially distress our wood to look old ~ nature has already done a perfect job of it.   Instead, we skillfully bring the wood back to life in our finishing process in order to enhance what nature has taken 100 years to do.   Its patina is rich and simply can’t be match with new wood look alikes.   This 60″ x 32″ x 18″ high coffee table is another  perfect display of how rustic salvaged wood has turned into a prince.  Add a bit of our federal blue color on the base and you’ve got a very functional coffee table that has no fear of feet or  family life.  Grown, built and finished in the USA!  As seen:  $2325  Top:  2″ thick rustic old pine man-made efforts to make wood look old and have the same charm.  Old wood has the