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Smooth Rustic Oak Coffee Table


The living room is the heart of the home, and in turn, the coffee table is the heart of the living room. It is the item that everyone congregates around, resting their cups of coffee on it, putting their feet up after a long day or retrieving a magazine to catch up on the week’s events. So it is only fitting that this important item should be customized to the client’s exact needs and desires.

Made from salvaged oak, this stunning rustic oak coffee table can be customized to ensure that every client acquires the perfect addition to their living area. Customization options include the ability to add a drawer or another shelf for storing all the items you need to hand when spending time in the living room, as well as the choice of a number of stunning wood finishes that will blend seamlessly with the existing decor as though it was always there.

A reclaimed wood oval coffee table might be just what you need in the way of being able to scoot in and around a tighter living area. This lovely small reclaimed old pine coffee table was clear finished on the top and shelf while the base was painted in our complimentary salmon color. Customize your own reclaimed rustic oak coffee table to fit in the space you’ve been waiting to fill.

Dimensions: 40″ x 26″ x 18″H

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