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Square Parsons-Style Coffee Table


We were delighted when this customer asked us to build them a second table for their home.   After a long, hard earned search, they were relieved to find that they could have exactly what they were looking for and “compromising” on style or color  was not going to be the only option.  Looking for something a bit more modern, they opted to go with old oak which is one of the most durable of all woods and translates well into sleek modern looking pieces.  Even though the wood used is a century old, our talented craftsmen have brought back to life this beautiful wood and have built this custom sized square coffee table with straight parsons leg and shelf.   While this customer chose to have us sand it down to a more “medium” texture level, you can opt to have a table done for you keeping the look more rustic (but smooth to the touch).  Don’t let the smooth or medium texture fool you  however.  This old wood is extremely hard making this a great choice for anyone who might want to put their feet up without worrying!  Finished in our black wash color, this is quite an elegant looking coffee table.  Size seen:  36″ x 36″ x 18″  Price as seen: $1900.