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Elegant zinc console table


This black washed old oak and zinc top console table is one of our favorites.   A perfect combination of colors and style make this console a very easy table to put almost anywhere.   The straight angular lines of the reclaimed oak base and the hard zinc metal top make this an exceptional, simple yet elegant piece of furniture. The “modern-rustic” combination allows for easy placement in any urban-country or modern home and can be modified in the way of size, color and configuration. While we love this neutral palette a zinc console table in any home can be a great addition.   So, think outside the box! Come up with your own colors and ideas and we’d love to put them to test! Size seen: 50”l x 15”d x 34 ¼”h.   Features include straight legs, and a shelf with a small lip to prevent items from falling.   Priced as seen: $2285

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