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Farm Table Parsons Style


A rustic farm table doesn’t have to look like the wood has just fallen off the side of a barn. Reclaimed wood is prized for its patina-rich appearance and can look just as suited for a home in the country as well as an elegant NYC loft.  For anyone considering a farm table you will see many look-alikes in the market place most of which are made from new wood and distressed to look old. Not only is this bad for our eco-system, man can also never duplicate that which nature has done so perfectly.   The weathered wood used in our farm tables, hutches and case goods are perfectly sanded for you and brought back to life by our master finishers. The parsons table in this image, while a fairly modern design, is still warm and will be just as cozy as a more traditional farm table with turned or tapered legs. Size in image: 8’ x 2” thick old pine in P-44  color.


  • 1" top after planing yields 1/2"- 3/4" top. 2" top after planing yields 1 1/2"- 1 3/4" top.