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Zinc and old pine Media cabinet


This very stylish pure zinc media and salvaged old pine cabinet can be built to your dimensions and finished in a variety of colors.   Zinc is an excellent choice of materials to use when you have to consider heavy use and/or water. Pure zinc is very different than galvanized (i.e. powder coated zinc ) and has been used for centuries for roof repair due to its long lasting ability to stand up to water and weather. In combination with the density of the old pine, this is a media cabinet that is well suited for the commercial application it’s headed for but will look just as nice in your home.   Built with open sides at the top, speakers can be placed without sound interference as would be behind a closed or blocked off space. While we’re not sure what will go on the shelf or behind the doors, we can say that this is one great looking media cabinet that is made to last with very low maintenance required. As seen: 68” x 18” x 40h   with 1.5” thick pure zinc top. Priced as seen: $2485