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Chestnut Pedestal Table with Extension


Chestnut wood is extremely rare due to the devastating airborne disease in the 1920’s that killed billions of chestnut trees along the Eastern seaboard. The chestnut tree was know to be so plentiful that its been reported that a “squirrel could jump from tree to tree from Maine to Georgia without touching the ground”. At one point there were approximately 4 billion chestnut trees in the east which were attacked by the Asian disease. The durable, rot resistant chestnut wood was used in the building of homes and barns, railroad ties, and the nuts were gathered for feeding livestock. We feel so fortunate to have some beautiful chestnut boards that we use in the making of our tables as seen here on this 60” round , medium textured, 24” extension table. A highly dense and durable wood, chestnut is fabulous for anyone wanting an exceptional wood that is highly durable and can withstand heavy use. Sealed with a water based protective lacquer, we pride ourselves in having some of this historical and remarkably beautiful wood in stock. Seen with our Oak Tuscany pedestal , antique walnut finish. Call for availability prior to placing order. Priced as seen: $4025