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Square Reclaimed Wood Table


Salvaged old oak is a different animal than the familiar new ‘golden” oak that had many of us burnt out in the 1980’s.   Over the century old oak mellows and the grain tightens more in keeping with what you’d expect to see in Walnut grain. This 60” x 60” square old oak table has been sanded down to a “medium” texture level and has been finished in our antique walnut color.   A selection of the “medium texture” option will still have beautiful subtle charm while a “rustic” texture will have more of its original markings and “imperfections”. This 60” square table will easily allow for 6 chairs with our tiered venetian base or many of our other pedestal options . Seen with our oak ladder back chairs [sold separately], this is one place where the crew will look forward to gathering.   Square tables starting at $1730.