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Square Zinc Pedestal Table

If you have a nook or banquette area that you need a table for, chances are you have a lot of questions about what will be the right choice.   A nook or banquette area requires some well thought out questions in regards to how you will be able to scoot around to the backside of the bench, will your feet hit the base, and how will it look when all is done?   Zinc is a terrific option for anyone wanting to pair up their stainless steel appliances and/ or add a neutral element to a lot of adjacent woodwork.   While the look is sleek and sophisticated, don’t let this pure zinc table fool you into thinking its “delicate”.   Pure zinc has been used for centuries in roofing due to its capacity to stand the elements.  While there a several look-a-like products on the market (a.k.a. galvanized zinc) you can expect your E-Customfinishes zinc table to last for another century.   [Mass produced galvanized zinc tables are metal with a very light zinc powder spray which will peel over time exposing the metal below. ]  This 48″ square table is seen with our tuscany pedestal in espresso and is now waiting for company!   All tables over 40″ wide will have a seam which offers tremendous decorative appeal.   Call for details on your own zinc table.  Many base options available.

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