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Restoration Hardware Inspired X Base Trestle Table


Seen here is our 7ft restoration hardware inspired x base trestle table. Restoration hardware inspired table is crafted from 2″ thick reclaimed old oak, from america, not foreign reclaimed wood like RH uses. Crafted with a medium oak table grain and a custom trestle base and 4″ bread board ends. Seen in K-38 finish color.

Seen here is our new trestle style “X Base ‘R’ ”

Dimensions: 7ft x 38″W x 30″H

*please note that this design was inspired by RH, but not an exact duplicate of their specs due to design rights.

  • 1" top after planing yields 1/2"- 3/4" top. 2" top after planing yields 1 1/2"- 1 3/4" top.