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The Medieval Origin Of Trestle Tables

Dating back to the Middle Ages and beyond, sturdy and simplistic trestle tables have been used to host a myriad of feasts for centuries. According to Fine Woodworking Magazine, they are the oldest tables documented in the Western world.

These structures, which were reportedly constructed by laying wooden boards on trestle frames, were originally collapsible so they could be easily assembled and dismantled to make room for further ceremony in the great halls of Medieval castles.


Now, however, their fixed place counterparts are still perfect for feasting in any dining room, but, thanks in part to their rustic charm, homeowners are hesitant to hide them away afterward.

What better way to play upon the history of this signature item than by using a material that has a legacy all its own – reclaimed barnwood.

This aged lumber has a visual depth and complexity that is perfectly accentuated by the simple, rough-hewn design of the Medieval trestle. A well designed trestle table practically begs to be used when hosting friends and family members for a good, hearty meal.

It’s easy to see why these reclaimed wood trestle tables were used for large scale celebrations, since their centralized frames allow you to squeeze in as much seating as possible without the impediment of four separate legs.

To take full advantage of this design, many people choose to pair their rustic trestle tables with dining benches. These seats were made to accommodate the masses, so they’re the ideal option if you host big gatherings on a regular basis.

By choosing this combination for your dining room, you can set a warm, “the more the merrier” tone that will make your guests feel instantly welcome, and may even encourage them to invite a few friends along next time.

Below is a sample of our most popular styles of trestle table. If there is a style that you would like to see in our product line, or made for your home please let us know and we will be happy to make it for you! The origin of trestle tables are rich in medievil history, so next time you sit at an old trestle table feast as if you were king 🙂

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