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Top Reasons To Buy American Made Goods

Crumbly, tangy British Stilton cheese. Rich, fruity, decadent French Bordeaux. We admit there are some things our continental cousins do well. But, when it comes to beautiful custom made furniture and apple pie, we’re confident the US has the edge.  From the sawdust shavings on the floor to the paint on the table top, all of our furniture is American through and through. We know that the internet makes it easy to import a rug from Morocco, a chair from Sweden and even that wine from sunny Bordeaux, but why go to all that trouble when there are so many reasons to furnish your home with items that are proudly American made goods?

Below are the reasons to buy american made goods;

  1. Supporting Your Community and Country: Opting to spend your hard earned dollars on something that may well have been made with something that was made in your own town or state is a powerful way to support your local community. Using American materials requires American suppliers, which creates demand and employment opportunities. Our American wood for example are sourced exclusively from barns around the country – that means we need American truck drivers and shipping companies, laborers, loaders and un-loaders to get the timber from its home to ours. Going inter-state or cross country, those trusted with the delivery of our reclaimed wood will fill up in gas stations en-route, buying drinks and stocking up on snacks for the road in diners, shops and cafes along the way. All of which goes to support the community that lies around those businesses.
  2. Unrivaled Quality: Whether you savor that Bordeaux or would prefer a cold beer, there is an unmistakable and unassuming luxury inherent in having something that was made in your own country, by American hands and infused with love, care and attention to detail. Regardless of whether you opt for a kitchen island that you use three times a day or a custom bench to sit on the veranda of your lakeside home the few days of summer you visit, each glance, each use offers a little slice of home. It’s a reminder that you have something that is utterly unique, that was made with the skills of your countrymen, that was designed to be enjoyed by you alone and can be passed on, an inimitable family treasure with a heritage that is American to its core.
  3. Safety First: The US has some of the most stringent health and safety laws, quality controls and labor regulations in the world. Buying American made is equal to an investment in this wellbeing, an assurance that your item will last, was made my craftsmen who are treated well and appropriately compensated for their skill, in safe and ethical surroundings.
One of our furniture production rooms at ecustomfinishes

One of our furniture production rooms at ecustomfinishes

For these reasons, and many others, we have made a commitment to ourselves, and to our customers to be 100% American made every step of the way, and since that commitment was made many years ago, we couldn’t imagine it any other way.

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