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Vintage Knotted Pine Is An American Tradition

Pine cabinets and wall paneling were once common fixtures in American kitchens throughout the 1950s and 60s, largely because Vintage knotted pine was a staple in the middle class homes that were mass-produced after World War II.

While it may not be used as extensively anymore, many homeowners are still eager to use pine wood in their homes. After all, it’s true that it may be a bit overwhelming in vast amounts, but there is no denying that pine, with its telltale knots and burls, can still make an attractive addition to a room when used in moderation.

Using Vintage knotted pine for a few unique pieces of custom furniture can evoke a warm and welcoming sense of nostalgia that will bring to mind past traditions without completely reverting back to former design trends.

For example, a country farm table made from vintage pine can showcase the unique aesthetic appeal of the weathered imperfections of the wood without completely taking over the room. In addition, antiquated piece of furniture can add an old-fashioned, rustic element to any kitchen, living room or entryway.

In addition to paying homage to the era they came from, the features of this reclaimed barnwood have become increasingly intensified over the years.

Whether you decide to use old pine for a few small end tables or a full knotted pine dining room set, there are many ways to incorporate furniture made from reclaimed pine barnwood into your home, no matter the generation or current design styles.

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