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Proud To Be 100% American Made Every Step Of The Way

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All of our furniture is 100% American made. This is a painting of American Flag on our reclaimed wood coffee table.

When you purchase a custom furniture item from us, you’re not just purchasing something beautiful, unique and right with history, you’re purchasing a product that is proudly 100% made in America. Our ethos of being American made runs much deeper than the fact that your furniture is put together in a US location, our true-to-America values influences our choices of colors, materials, customization options, designs and production processes.

Being 100% American made starts at the well-loved barns that across American that are currently being dismantled and repurposed by artisans like us. Typically the barns we source from stood for 50 – 150 years before dismantling, meaning the lumber is of has achieved a superior quality in both hardness, and beauty. Our commitment to sourcing domestically, and using only reclaimed American timber means our carbon footprint is kept to a minimum.

From start to finish, we are very proud to be 100% American made every step of the way and as a result have created a recipe for the highest quality product of indisputable American quality. At the same time buying American is a subtle contribution to create American jobs and support local communities.  A focus on quality and craftsmanship is a traditional definition of what it means to be ‘American Made’ and one that we are proud to be a part of.