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Most Popular FAQ’S For ECustomFinishes

About Our Products:

Are your products child friendly and durable?

Our finishes are the highest quality available, and cannot be penetrated by normal every day wear and tear via children, such as from paint, markers, crayons, scratches, dings and watermarks.  Furthermore, our reclaimed woods are naturally weathered hiding any mistakes that may occur. In addition, all of our high quality paint and stain finishes are eco friendly, and can be cleaned using only water, no need for added chemicals via commercial cleaners or polishes, making our furniture the most child friendly items available.

Is your furniture 100% solid wood? 

Yes, 100% solid wood. The materials that are used in the construction of our furniture are 100% solid reclaimed wood. Unlike many other makers, there are no wood mixtures, wood composites, veneers, particle board or fiberboard. In addition, all wood is sourced from America.

Where is your furniture made?

We are very proud to be American made 100% every step of the way! This includes the domestic the sourcing of the wood, milling, our American made paints and finishes, our only location in Mass and our wonderful employees.

How strong is old reclaimed wood? Very strong!

Old pine normally comes from older slow growth (60-150+ year) trees, which produce tighter grains, verses today’s fast growth (30 year) pine. Because of age and wear old pine has also become a bit petrified due to exposure to the elements. Old pine scores approximately 2x higher than new pine on the wood hardness test know as the Janka scale.

Janka Scale: higher number = harder wood:

  • New pine               350-400
  • Old Pine                650-700
  • Old Oak                1250-1300
  • Old Chestnut        540-600

What is your lead-time? 

20 weeks from deposit to shipping. Please remember, all items are made to order and will last for generations.


Are custom sizes & options available?  

Yes. Our business is all about customization. We can easily create custom widths, heights, and even custom designs and artwork. The options available online are for our “standard” products, and can be used to present to provide benchmark pricing when quoting a request for a custom item.

Do you provide samples?

Yes, we are happy to send color samples.  Please call us to discuss what colors you would like sent to you.

Are your furniture add-ons limited to what I see on your site?

No, these are not the limits, only our standard offering. We enjoy creating custom designs, finishes and options as our customers continually challenge us as the best and most creative custom furniture maker. If you have a custom design or custom add-on desired please contact us as we should be able to accommodate such requests.

Can I submit a picture to have something made?

Yes of course, any and all information is much appreciated.

What do I need to provide a custom color match?

We would ask that you send a sample to our facility with your request clearly spelled out. It is essential that your wishes are communicated clearly. Our staff will follow your directions very literally but will call you if there are questions that remain prior to doing the work.

Can you match to existing colors in my home?

All dye lots vary slightly and therefore we can not guarantee an exact match. However, we can guarantee that we can get a color that will be very close and will be quite complimentary to the color that you are looking to match.

What types of reclaimed wood do we offer

We offer Pine, Oak, and Chestnut. We have created a video about the differences on our finishes and options page.

Table Questions:

How do I decide on a 1” or 2” thick tabletop?

A standard 1” table top (actual thickness =.75 -.875”) is structural strong enough for most tables. Thicker tops are primarily for appearance’s sake unless the table is very long and/or very wide. Watch our video about 1″ or 2″ table tops for  a better understanding.

Do you offer extension and/or drop leaf tables?

Yes, this is a great option for those in smaller spaces. You can order 1 or 2 extensions at 18” built to match the rest of the table. We also offer drop leaf options. Click here for a good example of our extensions.

Do you offer only the table base, or tabletop?

Yes, for a small extra fee you can order either the tabletop or table base only.

Do you offer unfinished products?

Yes, you can order any of our products unfinished if desired. Would we then have to rename our business to ecustomunfinishes?…

What size table do I need to fit ___ people?

To answer this, take a look at our dining table seating guide.

What are standard/common table and chair heights? Is there a seating guide?

  • We create the height of our products to the industry standards:
  • Chair height at seat: 18” for dining tables, 24” for counter Stool, and 30” for bar Stools”
  • Table top heights: Dining table 30”, Counter Height: 36”, Bar Height: 42”
  • This leaves 12” between the chair seat and the table.

Do you have a show room to explore further

Yes, at our production facility, so you can see not only the finished products but also the processes and options involved in making the perfect item for your needs. Learn more about our location on our about us page.

Shipping & Delivery Questions:

shipping and warranty

Can you deliver Nationwide? International?

Yes, we can deliver anywhere.  We have shipped all over American, and international. We will find a shipper and coordinate on your behalf with a carrier that will be able to deliver to your home.

What are my shipping options:

shipping and warranty

Option 1) Pick up at our facility.
Option 2) Common carrier
Option 3) Blanket wrap white glove service with in-home delivery.
See our shipping page for more detail

Will I be notified in advance on time of delivery?

Yes. We work with very reliable and reputable carriers. They will be in contact with you to discuss drop off time prior to delivery.

I need to fit through a small doorway, are the tops removable?

Yes, we have 3 videos on how to install your table base in under 2 minutes. We provide all hardware (screws and/or wingnuts) as well.

Pricing Questions:

Do you have a price sheet?

Not exactly, due to the fact that our products are made to order, however the drop down pricing on our website will give a fair and accurate quote for a common/standard product, and give good guideline for a custom request.

Do you have dealers?

No, we sell direct and guarantee the lowest price available. All items are made at our location and sold directly from us. For this reason we can guarantee the lowest price on any comparable farm table.

What types of payment do you accept? 

We accept Visa MasterCard Amex, check or PayPal. Online orders are PayPal only.  We require 50% deposit to begin your order.

Do we offer designer, large order, or volume discounts? 

Yes. Please call to discuss.