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Farmhouse Kitchen Islands

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Custom Kitchen Islands Crafted From Reclaimed Wood and Built To Order

Farmhouse kitchen islands marry practicality and aesthetics effortlessly, providing additional storage and surface space as well as acting as a striking, central feature in the heart of the home. Formerly an item of luxury, the kitchen island has rapidly become a staple and is ubiquitous in american homes.

Our farmhouse kitchen islands are made exclusively from reclaimed old barn wood, and are environmentally friendly. Using 100% solid reclaimed wood is particularly important for kitchen islands and kitchen tables, lending a durable and sturdy element vital in frequently used pieces.

All of our reclaimed wood furniture can be extensively customized to your requirements. Each island available with a choice of paints and finishes, as well as dimensions and styles. Our goal is to provide you with a range of kitchen essentials, including round tables, farmhouse stools, islands and other pieces of furniture from reclaimed wood that will last you a life time.

Our custom farmhouse kitchens islands are available as fixed or moveable, allowing you to choose the perfect fit for your room and giving you the possibility to rearrange or transport to a new home if needed.