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There are a lot of questions about reclaimed wood and how “rustic” a farm table really is or should be.  Farm tables can look as rustic or as smooth as you wish but they are always more authentic looking when made out of reclaimed wood. While mass produced farm tables are relatively easy to find, most are artificially distressed with the goal to look like what we have from the start.. Real, authentic, aged  wood.   Depending on the look of your home a smooth farm table will have a more elegant and conservative appeal whereas a rustic farm table will bring a lot of texture and color to your room.   Regardless of how smooth or rustic you want your farm table to look, our farm tables will always feel smooth to the touch as we preserve the history of what makes this a charming product. Our craftsmen are skilled at maintaining the beauty of these century old boards while making them practical for every day use.   Great effort is made in the finishing process to preserve the history in the boards while sealing every inch of every board to protect the wood from damage.   Our farm tables can be customized to any size you wish and we have multiple base styles and colors from which to choose.   For more information about all the options refer to our finishes and options page   where the options are summarized for your ease. The  farm tables you see on the following pages have all  been made for other customers and can be modified for you in the way of size and color and texture.   While the website has all the information you need, we encourage our customers to call and speak with our design consultants at no extra cost. They will help lead you thru the process of selecting the right farm table for your home and are happy to do so.

Whether you are a casual diner or prefer to dine in a more elegant fashion, these reclaimed wood farm tables have remarkable flexibility to appeal to both. Above are just a few of the thousands of farm tables we have hand crafted for our happy customers over the years.   We’d love to build one for you as well!  If you can dream it, we can build it.