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Our trestle table featured for photo shoot. 

Trestle Tables Made To Order

The Trestle table is probably the earliest form of wood dining table dating back to the 1500’s.  Trestle tables were very popular in the middle ages when castles and forts were designed to protect large groups of people. The tops of trestle tables tended to be quite narrow and often times were very long.  Why so narrow? Because diners sat on only one side of the table with their backs against the wall and didn’t sit across from one another. This seating arrangement allowed servants to serve from one side, but it also had a much more practical purpose. In case they were attacked while eating, the table could easily flip to serve as a protective barrier.

While the purpose of the trestle table has changed over the centuries, its popularity has not.  Todays housing trends now lean toward open living areas where entertaining and dining are located in visual proximity. The trestle table can be quite elegant,  offering a needed function as well as adding a decorative quality to the room.  Have a nook or banquette area?  The design of a trestle table is by far the best choice for comfortable and easy scooting around the entire table without bumping into corner legs. While extensions are available with all our trestle tables,  a trestle table will accommodate at least 2 more people at the table (without extensions)  than a farm table with legs.  Don’t see a style you like?  Send us an image of something you do and we will recreate it in the size you need.   A creative way to add extra seating without compromising style!