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Spacecraft hutches made by ecustomfinishes

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Rustic Hutches And China Cabinets Made From Reclaimed Barn Wood.

Crafted By Hand And Built To Order.

During our waking hours, the living room is unarguably where we spend the majority of our time at home. It is therefore a room that must simultaneously exude comfort and style, be at once welcoming and relaxing whilst maintaining a polished and pulled together aesthetic that we can feel proud to show off to visitors. These are the concepts that are kept in mind when our team is lovingly crafting living room furniture for your enjoyment.

All of our living room furniture is carved from salvaged wood that has been selected for its distinctive and beautiful appearance. This guarantees that the products we make, whether it is a coffee table, a cabinet, a sideboard or end table, are of the highest quality and performance, values that our company has founded its reputation on.

Despite the name, China Cabinets are not solely designed as a means to present our best china, although that is their traditional purpose. They showcase the personality of the residents in their home, acting as a central display for family photographs, drawings from our children or nieces and nephews, or awards the family may have collected throughout their lives. The china cabinet may be fondly reminiscent of grandma and grandpa’s home, but it is anything but outdated. Revitalized and reinterpreted for the modern day, it is one of the rare yet essential furnishings that transforms a house into a home.

All of the china cabinets and hutches that we craft are hand built exclusively from weathered boards rescued from fallen barns around America. Our rustic cabinets and hutches are made from 100% solid barn wood and completely customizable to match the style of your home, allowing you to add your own contribution to the richly storied wood you’re about to welcome into your lounge or den. We like a darker finish such as brown cherry or antique walnut, but have plenty of lighters colors available for a more informal style.

Please note that many of the hutch tops and bases can be sold separately.

We have been creating breathtaking rustic hutches and china cabinets from reclaimed wood for more than 10 years, and can help you create the perfect item for your home. Please  call us today at (978) 831-3106 or stop by our showroom, located in Shirley Ma, 1 hr west of Boston.