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Custom Furniture Design

Breathtaking Custom Furniture Made To Order. Please Contact Us With Any Requests You May Have.


We have a state of the art facility, 2 industrial spray-booths, showroom, custom woodworking areas, and inventory of all styles and sizes… ready to meet any request.

We understand that getting a custom item is scary, and for that reason we have over 600 products and 5000 pictures, on our website, to help familiarize you with our products and processes.


If you feel like you’re on an endless quest to find an item of furniture that is perfect, that suits your needs exactly, why not just ask? If you can imagine it, we can make it. We know how frustrating it can be to search high and low for that one final piece and how disappointing it can be to see an endless array of things that are close, but are not quite right. So why not be creative and bring your own ideas to life? Tell us what you’re looking for we will be happy provide a free quote to create.

We can make your dream a reality, whether you see something almost right on our website but want to make a few personal tweaks or have a custom design that is entirely your own, our team of expert craftsmen can bring it to life. And if we can’t do it all our own, we have an extensive network of local artisans who can help us complete the job.

To familiarize yourself with our work, our website has 600 recently created products, over 4500 pictures to browse, benchmark pricing, and we have also gathered a collection of “inspiration pages” our favorite pictures for easy replication.

To get started, send us a message with a product link from our site or any other website,  with an outline of what would need to be changed,  a picture of the space you’re looking to fill in your home, or even a sketch with your needed dimensions. From your brief,  we’ll provide you a free estimate and discuss any and all customizations to make your dream a reality.

A passion for personalized is the heart of making custom furniture designs so whatever your tastes and however big or small your space, your search for a truly perfect piece ends here. At ECustomFinishes, everything is possible.

Please note that due to licensing rights, we cannot make exact copies of other furniture, but we can create designs which are inspired by others, with slight modifications.