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Solid Wood Dining Chairs

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 DINING CHAIR SELECTIONS – Finished in your choice of color

Our elegant assortment of farmhouse dining chairs are all designed to inspire friends and families to gather together for meals -comfortable yet stylish, our dining chairs are all custom finished and sturdy enough to last a lifetime.  Whether you live in an 18th century farmhouse or a pent house in the heart of the city, we have a style for you.

Below are images of a wide variety of  dining chairs we carry and can finish them to any color of your choosing.   The popular ‘X’ Back chair with a worn finish nestles easily under a modern round dining room table while the charming Windsor design works well as a farmhouse dining chair or as a decorative feature perhaps adorned with a vase of flowers. If a more overtly sophisticated dining room is more to your preference, our European range of chairs, like the English Windsor style or the French Ladder Back chair are supremely chic, pairing form and function with panache.

As with all of our products, our dining chairs can be finished to order; we have a collection of 20 light finishes that assist in creating rustic looking chairs, ideal for farm themed furniture and a range of premium finishes for a more opulent effect. If you are looking for something totally custom we have an award winning, in-house artist who can paint unique images onto your chairs or bench, such as for a lake home or seaside cottage.

To ensure that your dining area is comfortable for those sitting, eating and breaking bread, we recommend that you allow at least 24” of space between the wall and the chair. If space is at a premium, you may wish to look instead at our range of reclaimed wood benches which can fit snugly underneath most tables with the minimum of fuss and smallest of gaps.

If unsure of how many seats to relative to the size of the dining table, we have created a dining table seating guide to review.