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Rustic painted server cabinet


Rustic hand painted servers, farm tables or old wood cabinets can be as charming as they are functional.  If you are considering brightening up an area in your room, why not consider a colorful cabinet or server?  This quietly casual cabinet was painted in 3 different colors:  federal blue over barn red over buttermilk and then was artistically sanded down to give it an aged look.   Country painted American furniture dates back  as early as the 1700’s and were generally done in a  country “crude” manner by the Shakers and/or  resourceful farmers.  Most pieces such as this were done in pine or other easily available woods.  Furniture was painted to add color and were always done in a simple fashion.  This lovely old pine cabinet is a great reminder of the days gone by when families always sat together for meals and the day was put behind.    As seen: 44″ x 16″ x 33″h .   Servers start as low as $1275 for simple stained finishes.   Create your own colorful history and get a quote today.



  • Due to the wide variety requests most sideboards will need to be quoted separately.