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Eco-friendly benefits of reclaimed barn wood furniture

Eco friendly furniture grown, built and finished in the USA

Using reclaimed wood is an excellent solution for reducing the waste of natural resources and the environmental problems as a result.  Finishes and optionsis created from  old antique wood, which has been salvaged from buildings and structures throughout the country.  Unlike many recycled or environmentally friendly products, reclaimed timber does not have to compromise its timeless beauty or durability in order to be good for the environment. Unlike most of the assembly-line products of today, it is a product that only gets better with age.

Every board tells a story

Keeping history alive is not something we typically think of when we buy a piece of furniture. However, if the wood could talk it would tell you of a time gone by when life was more simple and building were made from local resources. Many of these barns and sheds built a century ago have since fallen with age and environmental conditions. While these boards have been refinished and been brought back to life, look closely … each board can tell you a story just by looking at it. Once was a floor of an old barn might now be a piece of your table or hutch. Was it severely “damaged” or did it get less wear?

These are the hints that can link you back to history.

What is your preferred style of reclaimed wood? Center cut smooth Grain? Rustic? Very Rustic? Or are you still unsure? ECustom’s Design team will help you understand the perfect fit  for your home.

 eco friendly furniture

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