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Differences Between Particle Board Medium Density Fiberboard And Solid Wood

There are many important differences between particle board medium density fiberboard and solid wood. These days, it’s not uncommon to see a home adorned with coffee tables, desks and even kitchen tables made of composite wood materials like particleboard or medium-density fiberboard (MDF). While these wood substitutes certainly have some valid uses considering they are […]

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Create The Perfect Farmhouse Table From Salvaged Wood

In order to give her dining room a “farmhouse-elegant feel,” Shaunna of the home renovation blog Imperfectly Perfect carefully selected an array of aged wooden furniture for the space. As the largest item in the room, a dining room table instantly commands the most attention, and, as such, can dictate the look and feel as a room. So, to create a rustic yet elegant aesthetic in her dining room, Shaunna tracked down a […]

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How To Choose The Right Dining Furniture

Eating meals together is an easy, and enjoyable, way to create connections and strengthen bonds, choosing the right dining furniture an important means of tempting loved ones back to the table and into our lives. But how to choose the right dining furniture  is an important question that should be well thought out before any […]

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Top Reasons To Buy American Made Goods

Crumbly, tangy British Stilton cheese. Rich, fruity, decadent French Bordeaux. We admit there are some things our continental cousins do well. But, when it comes to beautiful custom made furniture and apple pie, we’re confident the US has the edge.  From the sawdust shavings on the floor to the paint on the table top, all […]

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Removing Water Marks From Wood Furniture

If you have wood furniture, water spills or glass condensation is inevitable, unfortunately often times leading to white water stains. If your furnishings are made of reclaimed wood, they’ve withstood much worse issues than some spilled water, but still, as a first line of defense against water marks from wood furniture you should make sure […]

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