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Antique or Antique Reproduction Furniture?

Many people are fond of furniture that has a history, enjoying the fact that a piece may have been hand crafted decades or centuries before and the story that goes behind it. However this doesn’t mean they have to go for an antique, for instance a reproduction table from reclaimed barn wood often has more history than your grandmother’s antique. For many, purchasing a re

production piece for your home is far more economical and practical than that of an antique piece. Here are 2 of the main reasons why to choose reproduction over antique furniture.

Antique reproduction old pine desk

Antique reproduction old pine desk – creating products with reclaimed old wood can give the much desired antique look plus the added stability of a newly created structure.

Stability and Durability. Obviously, not all households are meant to have fragile furniture. While an antique piece may have lasted decades or centuries, chances are it is probably not as stable as it was when it was first used. Many antique furniture pieces often have fragile joints and are not meant to last for another generation. For homes with children or who actually use their items on a daily basis, this can become a major problem very quickly.

Unable to Find the Right Size. Most looking for antique furniture are absolute slaves to the market. They are only able to purchase what is available, which often means for settling for something that isn’t the right size.
Thankfully, reproduction furniture can give you the classic look you want without all of the hassle. Each reproduction piece is up to modern standards of durability to give your furniture the strength it needs for a busy family. In addition, the sizes of reproduction furniture are designed to give you the comfort and meet the needs of your space.

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