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Advice on Caring For Old Antique Furniture

How to take care of your antiques & barn wood furniture via Wax vs. Lacquer Finishes

The beauty of any farmhouse table is its charm and casual rustic sophistication. These tables are meant to be lived on and should be able to tolerate the heavy usage of children and families. With the correct information you can make an educated choice as to how much maintenance you are up for when it comes to keeping your table look good.


Option 1 Wax finishes

Wax finishes are, by far, the most labor intensive. Wax finishes were extremely popular even 10 years ago but have become increasingly less desirable as new technologies have appeared on the market. Many craftsmen still will use a wax finish to seal the wood since it’s hand applied and doesn‘t require spraying. Waxes now are made with multiple color choices, which, when added to the raw wood, will give it color and make the wood water resistant. Wax penetrates deeply into the wood, therefore, you will never be able to paint or re-stain it down . Nothing sticks to wax! Wax finishes also require maintenance on a regular basis. Over time, if not maintained, the finish will wear down reducing its ability to be water resistant. Once a products protective layer becomes compromised, the greater the probability that water rings will penetrate into the wood.

The upside of a wax finish is the glowing , soft patina. It’s quite beautiful.


An Easier Alternative – Lacquer Finishes

At Ecustomfinishes, we use a water based lacquer sealer which is not just eco friendly but is also an extremely durable finish that requires no maintenance whatsoever. Can’t beat that. Lacquers now are made in matte, satin, semi-gloss, and high gloss so choose which level of sheen is best for you. The satin lacquer we use as our standard, provides a greater level of protection against water damage and gives it the same look as wax.

Bottom Line with lacquer Finish, a damp, soapy sponge is all you’ll ever need to keep these tables looking in mint condition for generations to come!

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