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Blog Post Written From A Client In North Dakota

I will start by saying that we love our customers, and we LOVE when they write back to us (as most do), but I think our customer/client the Church Family made our day, and we thought we should share it with everyone.

It’s About A Vision

testimonial and pictures from clientIt’s the hub of our family. It’s where we meet at least three times a day. New ideas are discussed and old ones rehashed. It’s covered with home school books, math manipulatives, science projects, and greasy finger prints. It’s our dining table.
So what’s the big deal about a dining table? Well, nothing unless the family has out grown it. We started with an antique game table. It was 3’ by 3’ with two 1’ breadboard extensions and four massively thick table legs that were always in the way when we tried to use the six chairs. So with our growing family, we needed a bigger table. We knew more about what we didn’t want than what we did.
blog post from satisfied client after purchasing furniture
Daddy’s Helpers
 Then there was my vision. I grew up with a holiday table overflowing with at least four generations of relatives. Most of those people are gone now, and the family has dwindled. Alan’s side of the family is also scant. To complicate things, we live far away from the rest of our families. When we started our family, I had a vision of a huge holiday table overflowing with our children, their spouses, and their children. Our family table wasn’t big enough for our everyday use, much less my vision.
So began the search. After much looking through stores and on the internet, we finally came to the conclusion that we’d have to have a table custom made. We wanted it to be rustic enough for everyday use and yet nice enough to be dressed up; just the right size for meals and homeschooling, with extensions for years down the line when we welcome sons- and daughters-in-laws. The table legs could not be in the way, and the chairs had to be comfortable so people would want to linger and talk or play games in front of the fireplace.
Finally we found the perfect source for our table and chairs. We talked with Jane from E-Custom Finishes, a company out of Massachusetts. Jane listened to our needs and concerns and talked with us about our ideas. She patiently made suggestions and then waited for us to make decisions. We selected aTrestle Farm Tables, and we specified the degree of smoothness and a brown cherry finish. We asked that it be 7’ long and 42” wide with two 18” breadboard extensions. We added 12 fan-back chairs in a matching finish. Then we settled in to wait while Jane and her staff went to work. Two and a half months later the crate arrived. After days of rearranging furniture, unpacking boxes, and everyone helping put the table together, it was finally in place and it’s perfect! Part of a vision fulfilled. Just in time for our first holiday meal…Easter! A celebration of new beginnings. Some of our family use the chairs, others require booster seats, and still others are in highchairs, or, my favorite, Daddy’s lap. One day the vision will be complete; the extensions will be on and all the chairs will be filled. Who knows, we may still need that antique game table for an overflow table. It’s a table on which we can make new traditions and celebrate old ones. A table to grow on and with.

This blog post above is taken directly from The Church’s family blog.

Like we do with many of our clients, we have posted their exact item on our website and with their testimonial (yes they did more than just write us a blog post). Click  to take a look at theirTrestle Farm Tables and of course their cute kids.

In addition to their blog post, the Church’s also sent us a very nice thank you email/testimonial below, which can be referenced at the link above for their table:

We love it!  It looks like it should have been there all along.  I rearranged the living and dining room furniture to make space for it, and it makes everything work better; easier traffic flow, better seating arrangements with the couch and recliners, etc.  I was afraid it would be too big, but it’s just right.  It’s the focal point of the living/dining area and a beautiful one at that.  It’s close enough to the French doors that we could open them in warm weather and feel like we’re dining alfresco and yet in the winter we’ll have the warmth of the fireplace.  We really do eat 3 meals a day as a family.  Alan stays home for breakfast and returns for lunch, and of course dinner.  It is perfect for meals, homeschooling, playing games, or for a little boy to hide under when he wants some peace and security.

Pictures of the table are attached, as promised.  I also included one of the four children lined up under the table “helping” Daddy put the screws in.  From left to right they are Amanda (8 months), Bethany (3 years), Nathan (5 years), and Zachary (7 years).  I guess Zac has accepted the change.  This morning I caught him hanging out on the bottom of the table, and I got a picture of that too.  I’ve seen him with a book down there on his belly, but I think he had just awakened when he went straight for his hiding spot.  Something about the security of a big table that is just the right length for a little boy.   Thanks again for all your work.

We love our clients, and are always very appreciative of all their kind words. Keep them coming!

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